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SUKHJIT SINGH, is a source of inspiration and motivation to many. His philanthropic work has been given recognition, award and honoured several times as the most influential leader in the community. Sukhjit is one of the most exciting and inspiring Canadian voices today!



How to Make a Difference in Your Community” – Discussing the benefits of volunteering, strategies for getting involved, and ways to make a meaningful impact in your community.


Cultural Adaptation

How to Navigate the Challenges and Embrace the Opportunities” – Addressing the challenges and opportunities of immigrating to a new country, and providing practical tips for adapting to a new culture.



How to Build Confidence and Master the Art of Public Speaking” – Sharing tips and techniques for improving public speaking skills and delivering effective presentations.

…because of Volunteering, I have a continuously growing network of friends, family, mentors and advisors who are guiding me immensly in my journey.

Sukhjit offers practical strategies, actionable steps, and inspiring stories that are designed to empower audiences to take action and make a difference in their communities. Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker for your conference, a workshop leader for your organization, or a panelist for your event, Sukhjit is available and ready to engage and inspire your audience with a unique perspective that will leave them motivated and inspired!

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Sukhjit is committed to providing exceptional service and value to all of his clients and partners. If you’ve worked with Sukhjit before and would like to share your experience, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’d love to hear from you!

I had a pleasure of attending Sukhjit’s keynote presentation on Volunteer Information Session in Mississauga last September, and I felt great to have got that opportunity. He was so live and bold in sharing his stories with us and getting his ideas across. When he was speaking that, “people are people no matter where they are from and what they do; we are not dealing with aliens,” one could feel that he was directly speaking from his heart to the audience’s hearts. He is an audacious motivator with a power to ignite people to the best.



I wanted to thank you for coming in and presenting on the Engineering Connections Bridging Program. We have had such positive feedback following your talk. We thoroughly enjoyed your motivational presentation and hopefully participants have learned a lot from it!

D. M.

Employment Consultant

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