“Learning about your journey here in Canada through your book “Same Shoes Different Doors” was astonishing and inspirational.  I felt the purity in every details that you have shared in creating this book.  It is indeed a good source of motivation and sense of direction for the newcomers.  Keep up the great work and congratulations on this wonderful achievement, Sukhjit!”
Renan Orquiza, P.Eng., QPESA
Project Manager at Watters Environmental

“Never Judge a book my its Cover” a general saying, however, after reading the first chapter and knowing Sukhjit personally i would say “Judge a book by its writer”. Sukhjit being a multitalented, bonafied, energetic and passionate professional, above all a great husband, father and friend, always ready to extend help, is truly inspiring personality. All immigrants can truly correlates their story with Sukhjit’s story and can find a Sukhjit within themselves in order to achieve success and live up to their dreams at foreign land  dream land (Canada). I would recommend new immigrants and students to read the book to stay motivated, enlighten themselves with Canadian cultures and adopt the Canadian way to find the right shoe for them.”
Jatinder Singh MBA, MCInst.M., PGD Export Mgmt.

“From the first time I met Sukhjit, he impressed me with his enthusiasm and passion for Canada.  He volunteered in my organization and helped share his passion for civic engagement with everyone he met.
He’s outgoing, well spoken and dedicated to the things he loves – his community, his family & friends and his life in his new home country.   It is not surprising that he would continue to share this passion through this book.  His book is sure to share insights and help others along their journey as newcomers and Canadians.  He not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk!”
Adriane Beaudry, Experienced Manager, Volunteer Engagement & Programming
Heart and Stroke Foundation

“Very interesting read, not dense, everyone should read this book who would consider themselves as “Canadian Immigrant”. Very inspiring story of author. My favorite part about this chapter is that it focuses on the fundamental truth ‘If you deserve it and if it is meant for you, you shall get it’. I very highly recommend this book.”

Shripad Joshi

They loved the book, you will too!