My name is Sukhjit Singh. I am a CHANGE AGENT  and love helping new immigrants to Canada, and to continue inspiring people with my story over and over. My story is a story of just about any immigrant to Canada and I love sharing the wonderful experiences I have had during and before my journey to Canada.

My simple yet motivational story begins way before I came to Canada as an immigrant. It begins from the days when I applied to come to Canada in 1997-98 as a young student. After my high school, I did Diploma in Computer Programming and Application, and applied to get a Canadian visa as a student for higher studies but couldn’t come due to various reasons. That unsuccessful experience made me lose my passion for Canada and also made me give up my studies for a bit due to stress.

Instead of Canada, destiny took me to a beautiful Middle Eastern country, Sultanate of Oman , where I was hired to teach computers to undergraduate and postgraduate students at one of the top universities. I had a great experience with the country’s traditions and hospitality, as well as having a pleasantly surprising experience for the respect I received. In the same university, there was representation from 35 different countries.

As a young professional, it was the first time I actually explored my own identity. The questions asked by my colleagues and students helped me to explore and learn more about my own religion and why we practice it the way we do. I was pretty comfortable dealing with diverse communities but learning in depth about my own religion gave me the much needed confidence and strengthen about my own identity.

In 2004, I got married and this marriage of mine was another beautiful example of my traditional values where my family chose my bride for me with all their love and care and I trusted them for their wisdom and honesty for me. This is a typical South Asian tradition and I am proud that I continued my tradition and brought happiness to the family.

As a happy go lucky new couple, my wife and I started planning for Canada based on suggestions from colleagues. During the application process, I started researching my new home. I created folders on my computer to collect facts, figures, information about Canada and I named these “La La Land “and Chalo Canada (let’s go to Canada)”. Then our first child, our daughter was born in 2007 and brought a new wave of happiness. After a long yet soul motivating journey, we finally landed on Canadian soil in year September 2009.

Since my landing in Canada, working with newcomer to Canada became my passion and that passion lead me to play various role in various non-profit organizations in Peel region. I have my own vision/ brand statement: Right information and right connections will lead you to do the right thing.



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